Laser Welding Solutions for Battery Industry

April 14, 2015

Laser Welding Solutions for Battery Industry

Laser welding in battery industry

Top Laser Technologies, is committed to laser application in battery industry and more than 15 years’ experience of laser welding machine for various batteries.

The biggest battery companies in China mostly use our machine, in battery manufacturing industry, ChuYuan laser machine means Profession and Quality.

Our customers:

A) China BAK battery Company, (an American Listed company)

B) BYD Power Company, (BYD auto company subsidiary)

C) ATL technology Limited, (IPhone battery supplier)

Battery is sensitive to Fe+3 or water, so when weld the battery, resistance welding machine could not weld it without contacting, ultrasonic welding is too weak, so could only use laser welding machine. Our welding machine also could work in drying room and work with glove box.


Battery type and laser welding

1, rectangle lithium battery

This battery mainly acts as mobile phone battery, digital Camera battery.


Construction of this rectangle lithium battery


This kind of battery has 2 types: winding cell, stacking battery,

Z shape stacking battery,                               winding battery








Chuyuan laser welding machine could weld 4 type of this battery:

1.1 cathode, anode tab and aluminum cap welding

As the above photo, after the anode and cathode are winded, anode tab need to be welded to aluminum cap and cathode tab need to be welded to aluminum can, here laser welding machine could be used,


1.2 aluminum shell and aluminum cover welding

image012   image010






Aluminum can                                                                      aluminum can caps

After the aluminum shell is full of anode and separator and cathode, the aluminum need to be welded to the aluminum cover, Chuyuan laser welding machine, is no-contacting welding, so will not bring any other material into the battery, it’s the only choice to weld this part.

Our laser welding machine CY-WL300 machine, CY-WL450machine working with clamp tools, firstly weld one long side of the rectangle shell, then turn it, weld another long side of it, at last, the 2 short sides.

For that ellipse corner alu can, we suggest CY-WL450 machine.


1.3 Cathode aluminum transfer to nickel


As the above photo, a short nickel belt is welded to the top or bottom of the aluminum can, this is made before the can is filled.

We suggest CY-WL300/Z/CY-WL300ZG machine, this machine has galvanometer system, could weld 2-6 spots very quickly and accurately.


1.4 protecting baffle welding


Protecting baffle


Welded spot

The battery cell needs a protecting baffle and laser welding could weld this part, weld one side of the protecting baffle to the anode of battery cell and another side to cathode tab,

We suggest CY-WL300G machine, this machine has galvanometer system, could weld 2-6 spots very quickly and accurately.

2, Cylinder battery 18650

18650 is size of this battery, it could be Lithium or LiFePO4 Li-ion or Nickel metal hydride battery, widely used as notebook computer battery, flashlight battery.


Construction of this rectangle lithium battery


Laser machine could weld 3 parts of this 18650 battery.

2.1 Tab and cap spot welding


















CY-WL300Z                                                         Tool                                           automatic fixture

Remarking: 16 pieces coin battery in it, and weld one side cost only 5 seconds,( for 16pieces, 2 spots on one battery, so total 32 spots cost 5 seconds), so max 192 pieces/minute, 11520pieces/hour, 92160 pieces/ 8 hours shift.

If weld 2 sides, it is 46080 pieces/8 hours shift.

Usually this part is welded after the can is filled with electrolyte, so battery here is very sensitive to water, water humidity must be less than 3%, this process should be done in drying room or glove box. Our machine could work in drying room and glove box.

If the battery manufacturer has drying room, our CY-WL300 machine, CY-WL300G machine, CY-WL300-1G machine, all can do this, but all of them should use closed water way, and the cooling machine should be outside of the drying room,

CY-WL300 machine make 700 pieces/hour, CY-WL300Z make 1800 pieces/hour, CY-WL300Z-1G machine, with fiber transfer, speed is faster.

image035 image036 image039






CY-WL300                          Disk fixture                     Full automatic fixture

If the battery manufacturer uses glove box, CY-WL300 welding machine could be used too, but Chuyuan Company adjusts the machine to make the laser come into the glove box.

CY-WL300-1G is also a good choose to weld this part, fiber head could stay in the glove box, and the workers just need to operate fixture.                Half automatic fixture

image040 image041







2.2 nickel belt & pack battery welding

This welding part is very simple, weld nickel belt and pack battery anode or cathode tap, to increase electrical conductivity. We suggest CY-WL300 welding machine.


2.3 vent cap welding

This is a cap of round battery, to make this cap, 3 pieces of the round pieces need to be welded, and laser welding is fast, our company have specially fixture for these caps.


We suggest CY-WL300Z welding machine.


3. Cylinder battery 26650

26650 battery is similar to 18650 battery, 3 parts could be welded by laser, but the can of 26650 battery need to be welded, can top and bottom, both need to weld/seal with can caps.




The top and bottom could be welded at the same time, this machine could weld 200 pieces/hour,

Material of the can is stainless steel, easy to be welded by laser, the welding seam could be round,

We suggest CY-WL300 and CY-WL450 welding machine:


4. Soft-pack battery

This battery needs “aluminum transfer to nickel” process, and there are 2 situations, do this process before or after the soft back is sealed, Correspondingly 2 kinds of machine would be used here.


aluminum transfer to nickel


Usually the alu and nickel is welded before the soft pack is sealed, we use CY-WL300

welding machine:

image059 image057







But some battery factory use advanced machines to make the front process, so this process could only be done after the pack is sealed, in this situation, we use CY-WL300Z

image063 image064





image062 image061





CY-WL300Z                                       Automatic welding solution


5, Rectangle lithium power battery


The aluminum can and cap are welded by laser machine

image071 image070








If the thickness of aluminum can is less than 0.4mm we suggest CY-WL300 machine,

If the thickness of aluminum can is from 0.4-0.6mm, we suggest CY-WL450 machine,

If the thickness of aluminum can is more than 0.6mm we suggest CY-WL600 machine,


Machine picture

image077 image076 image075






CY-WL300(automatic fixture)                                                CY-WL450(Fixture)


Automatic fixture

image082 image084 image083







CY-WL600                                         Working picture

Video could provide for reference.

We introduce 5 kinds of battery and laser machine that fit the battery making process, if you have questions, please feel free to contract us.

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