Century Sunny Galvanometer Laser Scan Head, Laser Scanner

Century Sunny Galvanometer Laser Scan Head for fiber laser marking machine or fiber laser engraving machine, fast scanning speed, accurate marking result. Famous Brand from China.

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General Details
Century Sunny 8310D Galvanometer Laser Scan Head

High speed and accuracy
High torque
Low drift
Compact and tight
Dust- and interference-proof
Easy to install
Effective heat-sinking system

Technical Info
Century Sunny Galvanometer 8310D Specification

Century Sunny Galvanometer 8310D Specification

Model #CY-8310D
Model #CY-8310D
Power Supply±24 VDC±10%,Max. RMS 4A/axis
Aperture size( mm)9 or 10
Small step response time(ms)≤0.32ms
Available scan angle±12°
Position Input Singal Scale Factor0.5 V/°
Position Output Singal Scale Factor0.5 V/°
Digital SIngal InterfaceXY2-100
Average Working Current2.5A (Max)
Peak Current20A (Max)
Scale drift<40 ppm/℃
Zero drift<15 μRad./℃
Repeatability<8 μRad
Long-term drift over 8 hours<0.3 mRad
Operating temperature25℃±10℃
Weight(without lens)2.3 kg
A key compoments of Laser Marking Machine / Laser Engraving Machine.
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