UV(ultra violet) Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine are mainly used in the fine process of high end market, such as cosmetics, medicines, foods and other polymer materials packing industry. And the UV Laser Marking is widely used in PCB Laser Marking & Scribing, Silicon Wafer Scribing, Electronic Components Laser Marking, Gifts Laser Marking and Communication Equipments Laser Marking.

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General Details
UV Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer from China. Ultra Violet Laser Marking Machine from China.

Excellent laser beam quality.

Extensive application Scope

Tiny heat affection

Hihg effency & high marking speed

Stable performance and low power comsuption

Technical Info
Model #CY-MV01CY-MV03CY-MV05CY-MV07CY-MV08
Model #CY-MV01CY-MV03CY-MV05CY-MV07CY-MV08
Laser Power1W3W5W7W8W
Laser Wavelength355nm355nm355nm355nm355nm
Beam Quality<2<2<2<2<2
Laser Frequency8KHz - 15KHz8KHz - 15KHz8KHz - 15KHz8KHz - 15KHz8KHz - 15KHz
Marking Area50x50mm(100x100mm)50x50mm(100x100mm)50x50mm(100x100mm)50x50mm(100x100mm)50x50mm(100x100mm)
Power Consumption<2KW<2KW<2KW<2KW<2KW
Min Line Width0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy±0.003mm±0.003mm±0.003mm±0.003mm±0.003mm
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz 10AAC 220V/50Hz 10AAC 220V/50Hz 10AAC 220V/50Hz 10AAC 220V/50Hz 10A
Plastic thin film bag UV Laser Marking Machine

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